Cryptic Orchid (Part 1)

Imagine a perfect world, communal, congenial, resource-rich, and perpetually peaceful. That is the vision of Jasmina Kovacevic and her small, like-minded cohort. The path to that ideal is simple: sterilize as many men on the planet as possible. In their view, the male ego and alpha posturing is the cause of most of the world’s problems. After ten years of covert effort, they have perfected the ultimate bioweapon, code-named Cryptic Orchid, a custom-tailored virus that causes testicular necropathy leading to male infertility. Just as their plan is being put into action, enter Hermann Miller, iconoclastic polymath, Tourette sufferer, and ultimate cyber master. After the initial shock of a male penetrating their deepest covert operations, Einstein is stunned and relieved to learn that Hermann does not disagree with their hypothesis. In fact, he is interested in helping, especially upon discovery that his pre-puberty cryptorchidism, aka undescended testicles, precludes him from being susceptible to the virus. However, Four-Star General Ulysses Willowbrook does not take kindly to the quick-witted, intentionally crass, and completely unintimidatable Hermann whom he considers to be a “Pugsley”, the label reserved for super genius geeks who are recruited by the General to facilitate delicate, often unsanctioned military operations. Thus, after an initial tacit agreement to help the General in his quest to seek and destroy an ersatz global terrorist plot set up by Einstein as a red herring, Hermann’s allegiances shift from the General to Einstein and her crew. As millions of sterile men wrestle with their loss of the traditional cornerstone of “manhood” the human population undergoes an unprecedented socio-cultural transition, but is it for better, or for worse?

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Henderson's first novel, Emergence is the ‘could be true’ story of creation, evolution, and the meaning of life. It takes place over four billion years, moves through current time and into the not too distant future. The “Original Six Creators” are second-generation beings that are responsible for the Universe, as we know it. Periodically they train additional generations of Creators who are then licensed to travel the time-space continuum and establish new creations in the Multiverse. It is during this program of Creator training that a trainee sabotages a brilliant colleague and the consequences are catastrophic for their experiment, which happens to be a planet we call Earth. The appearance of a mysterious third generation Creator opens the door to unprecedented issues amongst the existing Creators as he develops his own program for training of future Creators. Interwoven with the Creator’s saga is a second, human, perspective of the story from the viewpoint of Dr. Woodrow Wilson and his colleagues at a SoulGen™, new age biotechnology company.


Co-authored by his brother, Tim Henderson, Vibrations starts with the discovery of the headless corpse of an arrogant, high profile scientist at a Midwest university. The bloodless laboratory murder scene and missing head mark the beginning of a series of events that push the brilliant but somewhat misanthropic Dr. Andy Cobb to the top of the suspect list. Andy's alleged guilt is bolstered by circumstantial evidence and a personal vendetta against him by the local law enforcer, Art Fletcher. As Andy strives to avoid the law while solving the murder mystery, he is aided by a group of eclectic friends including Charlie, a beautiful invalid, and her daughter Beauty; Trey, the friendly giant; Greta the insightful owner of the local bistro "Vibe"; Hal, a super wealthy, pot-soaked scientific colleague; and John, his ephemeral sensei. Andy combines his skills in the martial arts and nanotechnology to confront each obstacle he encounters while attempting to solve the murder. At the same time he barely manages to subdue his own internal demons as he struggles to cope with the recent death of his soul mate, Brianna.


As a teenager Vincent Lyons was scarred over ninety-nine per cent of his body by a malicious act of random cruelty. Now, two decades later, he is the reluctant recipient of accolades for his heroic efforts to save lives, with a touch of jealousy-driven animosity from a misguided lawyer. When Vincent’s life long friend and physician, Dr. Samuel Wilson, dies, Vincent is stunned by Samuel’s recommendation that he continue to have his medical needs served by Dr. Stella Winters, a beautiful and enthusiastic young physician with expertise in stem cell therapy. For the first time in over twenty years Vincent allows himself to ‘feel’, albeit with trepidation, and he and Stella embark on a highly experimental stem cell treatment for his burns, and a parallel friendship that matures into true love. While the stem cell treatment holds great promise, it also forces Vincent to make the most difficult decision of his life.

The Pleasure Pill

Dumond Presley is a first-class pimp at the top of his game when he and his favorite employee, Shaunlese Courage, discover a plot to put deadly “performance enhancing” drugs into the hands of their clients. The perpetrators of this devious scheme hail from the upper-most echelons of the pharmaceutical industry and federal government. As Dumond and Shaunlese go toe-to-toe with the corrupt elite they are assisted by Darcy Dees, Dumond’s protégé, Manfred Lundquist, a world-renowned professor whose academic expertise is sexual intercourse, and several other colorful characters. Dumond’s street smarts meld with his natural intellectual and physical gifts allowing him to outmaneuver the powerful of forces of capitalism, greed and government in his quest to discover who is killing innocent people, and why.

#therapture (Conversations with an Angel)

Coming Soon! It's a fix it or quit it situation - for planet Earth! And an "angel" is calling the shots.

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About E. R. Henderson

An odd duck indeed, Henderson has a PhD in molecular biology and has published over 100 scientific papers. Had it not been for an anonymous counselor in junior college, Henderson would now be either a top tier mechanic or running a successful cannabis farm in Oregon - ah, the pachinko of life!