If you are curious about the origin of life on planet earth, and elsewhere in the universe, you might want to check out this scenario. Are we the products of a student thesis research project? Why not!?


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The soul of an angel and the face of a gargoyle define the life of Vincent Lyons. He fights fires in parallel with his inner demons in this story of the synergy between science and the power of love.


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The Pleasure Pill

A-list nanotechnologist and pimp, Dumond Preseley, contends with a lethal sexual performance enhancing drug and the governmental and corporate forces pimping it.


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Malcontent academician Andy Cobb tries to clear his name and solve the murder of an arrogant colleague while wrestling with the loss of his one true love. Co-authored with T. W. Henderson.


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Cryptic Orchid

Soft spoken genius Herman Miller meanders through life until he meets his match in a master hacker who goes by the name of Einstein. Watch out males of planet earth, Einstein and her militant lesbian friends are out to cut off your...well, you get the picture.

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A concerned species tries to help the human race get through an inevitible evolutionary bottleneck.

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